Take a bite out of the Mr. Beast burger


Andronakis Clay, Staff Writer

Mr. Beast, a social icon, youtuber phenomenon, and a person who has donated and raised millions of dollars for charity, has created a chain of restaurants called “Mr. Beast Burger.” I have had the chance to taste the food that they offer here in Merrillville. 

Starting with the infamous burger that dawns the name of the restaurant, the Mr. Beast Burger. I got it with bacon coupled with an extra beef patty. It came in an attractive  bag matching the colors of the youtuber’s logo.

The burger looked simply splendid. Three succulent patties with hot cheese steaming on top. The juicy grilled bacon is covered by a soft bun. Pickles, diced white onion, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard all decorated the burger making one hungry by just looking at it. 

The first bite provides an explosion of flavors complementing one’s taste buds.The crunch of bacon with the juicy patties gives you a thirst for another bite. And it seemed with each continuous bite, the burger only got better with the perfect amount of seasonings and care. The beast style burger is truly something that you have to experience in this lifetime. A riveting taste that you could never forget.

Next is the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. With steaming hot reddish chicken, mayo, shredded lettuce, and pickles. Upon opening the box I could smell the delectable fried chicken making my mouth water. It could only make one fiend for the chance to bite into the intoxicating sandwich.

My first bite into the crunchiness of the chicken gave me a satisfying feeling that can only be described as perfect. The spicyness wasn’t too extreme but was enough to make one’s tongue feel the burn. The contrast of the flavors of mayonnaise and pickles blended together making the ideal combo. The shredded lettuce only added to the already flavorful beauty that is the spicy chicken sandwich. 

Finally, the crinkle cut fries (not beast-style). They were still hot when I got them, which I truly appreciate. Cooked to a golden brown they looked purely appetizing. The first one I ate was seasoned perfectly. Not too salty, and the best compliment to a sandwich or burger.

I got a large size which definitely gave me more than I needed, forcing myself to get one more taste of the beautifully cooked potatoes.  The one thing that I can be sure about the fries is that it leaves you thinking one thing. “If these fries tasted so good, what if I had gotten beast-style?”

Mr. Beast Burger is a restaurant that truly embodies the youtuber themselves.  A place that cares about your food, and truly only wants to make you happy. They fulfill these goals swiftly and efficiently, only making you want to go back. Which is why I am giving it 5/5 stars. The perfect place for the perfect meal.