Athletic training program gives students valuable first-hand experience


Destiny Givens, Managing Editor

Scheduling for the 2022-2023 school year is approaching for many students and with the medical field rapidly growing MHS has taken on the task of adding more medical classes. 

Along with medical terminology, CNA, and anatomy and physiology another course that gives students a hands-on approach in the medical field is the student training course taught by Ms. Sue Hayes. Student trainers get to have one-on-one interactions with the injuries facing many athletes. 

“They are the certified athletic trainers, (our) right hand man,” Ms. Hayes said. “They help us get our job done quicker and help us set everything up for practices and games to make it easier for us to get our main job done, which is taking care of the athletes.”

Senior Armoni Cason, one of the student trainers, feels like this course will be greatly beneficial to her entering the medical field after graduation. Athletic training includes students being able to also wrap turf burns, ice injuries, and get splits to assist on multiple injuries. 

“It’s really headstrong, it’s really active. We do a lot of stuff and training,” Cason said. “It depends on the injury, but we do a lot of stuff out on the field and even when we are in the training room we do a lot for the trainers.” 

Being a student trainer provided the students a more in-depth knowledge and experience with the medical field. 

“It would be beneficial to me because I do want to be a pediatrician so it does give me a lot of info on the medical field part and it is really fun so it helps out both ways,” Cason said.

Ms. Hayes recommends a variety of courses that students can take if they are interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine that are available in high school and college.

Here at the high school medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, and athletic training,” she said. “In college more like exercise science, movement, rehabilitation, biomechanics, anatomy/physiology, kinesiology.”

Senior Rayonna Grady, another student trainer, reflects on what originally made her want to become a student trainer.

“I wanted to be a student trainer because I wanted to be in the medical field, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,” Grady said. “I just wanted to learn some of the parts of being in the medical field.”

Being a student trainer not only creates memories in the medical field, but also creates memories watching the athletes grow and senior nights. 

“My favorite memories are definitely senior night seeing the seniors grow and getting that last moment with them,” Grady said. “Football season is really one of my favorites even if it’s a home or away game.”