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Stanley cup craze out of control

A woman was arrested after stealing over $2,500 worth of Stanley Quencher cups.
A woman was arrested after stealing over $2,500 worth of Stanley Quencher cups.

Who ever would have thought water bottles would be the trending topic? Stanley cups and tumblers have been taking over almost every individual’s cup holder and cabinet.  Stanley’s has been around since 1918 and was originally marketed towards trade workers, but has recently went viral after #watertok. Watertok is the side of tiktok of teenagers and young adults that love water bottles and everything related to reusable cups. Stanley introduced a new style with new quenchers which really took off among this new market.

Stanley, after going viral, have now sold over 10 million cups even with it being priced at $40 per cup. The company’s marketing has also influenced its selling promising ice cold water even with hours after sitting and even with it being 40 ounces it’s able to fit the majority of cup holders.  While this has caused great success, this has brought on its own set of challenges.

Due to the high demand people are desperate to get their hands on these Stanley Cups. A limited number of releases of their newest colorways are available in sports stores and Targets. Stanley cups even have collaborations with big time brands such as Starbucks. The Starbucks x Stanley collaboration even made it to national news, but not for the right reason. 

These cups were available in targets nationally, having people camping out as early as 4 am to be able to snatch up this limited edition cup. The crowd was eventually let into the stores and mayhem broke out. Many customers were brawling and getting into verbal disagreements over these cups. These altercations hit headlines with it reminding people of Black Friday in the early 2000’s. A woman in California was recently caught stealing over $2,000 worth of Stanley’s. Seems these cups are putting plenty in legal trouble.

Stanley cups seem to continue to be on the rise not slowing down anytime soon. These cups are going for a resale value of up to $330. The Stanley cup has surely proved its place in the industry and many are excited to see what else the company will release to keep customers buying. The future for Stanley is one to be on the lookout for with the company growing like never before.

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