Skills learned from grandfather prove handy for Jeremie Lander


Kadarien Johnson, Sports Editor

Alongside being an all state cross country runner and track runner and a band member, Senior Jeremie Lander also has started his own business called LanderHandyWork. He took the time over the quarantine to build his business and rack up clients on the way to a successful business.
“I am a handyman, so basically anything from flooring to painting to electrical work I can do,” Lander said.
“Any home improvements and home renovations you need done I can do; no project is too big or small. I put together purchases like bed frames or dressers, I install flooring, cut grass and trees, and do custom outdoor work. Any labor you need done I can do.”
Lander does everything he needs to do for his business to grow and be successful.
“A normal day for my business is just organizing everything. Daily I clean my tools and make a list of things I need like blades and sandpaper stuff in that area, also making sure my schedule is on point,” Lander said.
Lander’s personality has helped him balance his life alongside running a business.
“I am a very punctual person and that is how I am able to balance my AP classes, band, sports, a business, and my personal life. The most important part of my normal day in my business is the scheduling and planning, so I can make sure I can get everything done. It’s the stuff behind the scenes that makes me successful. My work is only the outcome of that.”
Lander’s inspiration and love for handiwork has streamed from a much deeper source.
“My grandfather used to do this when he was younger and when I was born I was always eager to help,” Lander said. “Due to medical issues my grandfather couldn’t move around and do tasks to renew his home so he taught me to do it for him. I fell in love with trade and that’s how I got my passion and skill.”
He soon realized the benefits of working for himself.
‘I got a job my freshman year handing out samples for minimum wage and it was horrible. Long hours of low pay so I quit and thought about how to make more money faster, and I talked to my mom and she put me on the path to start a business.”