Girls basketball aims for turnaround

Austin Powell, Staff Writer

The girls basketball team is working to adapt and pursue their goals despite a rough start.

After starting out with three losses, the seniors realize that practice will be a key to success.
The Merrillville High school girls basketball team is soon to begin. Two seniors Shekniah Thomas and Torri Miller had great things to say about the team.

“A day in practice is another day to get better. We are pushed to take no plays off because you practice how you play in a game. You go hard with your teammates and play against them like you’re competing for a Regional championship,” Shekinah Thomas said.

Thomas plans on leading her team in the best ways she can.

“I plan on leading the team by picking up the energy when we lack it,” Thomas said. “When one drops their head , it’s contagious, so now the whole team is in a slump. That’s where I want to come in and take initiative to get my team back in the game and make sure everyone’s on one accord & most importantly , help lead my team in winning championships.”

Even though the basketball season goes on through a global pandemic, teams are adapting.

“Me and the team are adapting sort of to the pandemic when it comes to practice at least,” Thomas said. “We come in with our masks but we are required to separate while we are on a water break, and I believe that’s what we have the most trouble with because we’re a close team so we like to be by each other and talk/bond whenever we get the chance.“

Playing during a pandemic is stressful, Senior Torri Miller said.

“I feel like It’s harder to adapt because of the cancellation of games that may occur and us losing out on opportunities to play good teams if that does happen,” Miller said.

Knowing that practice and games could be canceled at any moment means making the most of every moment.

“We are spending extra time in the gym to put shots up and going all out in practice to prepare for game-like situations”, Miller said.

Miller has already earned a spot in Pirate history, setting a record last year for all-time steals.

“What I do best for my team is bring the energy and the aggressiveness on the defensive end . . . to get our offense going on the other end and getting a few shots to fall,” Miller said.