Sneakerheads spending bandz


Mya-Lee Jackson, Staff Writer

Jaeden Williams

Some students, if given the opportunity to have $10,000, would spend it on a car, or even save it for college. But for Junior Carlos Callahan that is not the case.

“I don’t spend that much money anymore, but I have spent over $10,000, on shoes over the past eight years,” Callahan said.

No one will just spend $10,000 on shoes without a story behind it.

“My dad is really into shoes,” Callahan said. “… and he always told me shoes are the first thing people look at, after your smile. I always try to make sure my shoes look good.”

Callahan isn’t quick to buy every shoe: careful consideration goes into each purchase

“I don’t really buy every shoe that comes out because of how picky I am now,” Callahan said. “I’m into black shoes, because I don’t really like all the bright colors. They have to be dark colored for me to like them.”

Callahan’s love for shoes sparked in the fifth grade, giving him years of knowledge of shoes to learn his preferred style.

“My favorite brand of shoes right now would be Nike because they do a good job with collaborations and designs.”

While Nike may be his favorite brand overall, he still likes a classic style shoe.

Carlos Callahan isn’t the only one that has spent bandz on shoes over the years. Sophomore Jaeden Williams has spent almost $3,000 on shoes in the past 5 years.

Spending thousands of dollars on shoes can be considered almost rational, but for Jaeden Williams, his reasoning was pretty simple.

“I am into shoes so much because shoes go with stuff, and I like to dress. You’ll always need shoes,” Williams said.

Williams was able to get his hands on his first pair of shoes at the age 11, bought by himself.

As of now, he has around 20-30 pairs of shoes. His favorite pair of shoes are ones that have grown popular among teens: Dunks.

“Some Nike dunks, my favorite pair of Nike dunks are the red ‘UNLV’ dunks, or the off white ones.”