A guide to surviving your freshman year

Andronakis Clay, Staff Writer

Merrillville High School can be a scary place: Two new buildings, the maze of hallways, and kids who are so big you wonder if they’re security guards. To be honest, it can be a lot for the new freshmen coming in. And with the pandemic causing virtual learning, sophmores have become second-year freshman. As a senior, I feel that it’s my responsibility to help those who are lost in this big, crazy building of ours. So follow my lead, and I’ll show you how to be the coolest in your class.

Step 1: Don’t run in the hallways. 

We get it. You’re late for class and things are getting hectic. There’s a mosh pit of people and they all seem to not care, but you do. I’m here to tell you, don’t run. Walk fast, speed walk, maybe even a light jog, but please don’t dash full speed. It makes you look like you care a bit too much and in reality 6 minutes is enough to get from class to class. If that wasn’t the case, then everyone would be running. So plan a new route or even go outside if you have to. Worst case scenario, you run into a senior who’s not having such a good day, then you’ll wish you took my advice.

Step 2: No more “Where my hug at?” 

There’s a lot of new experiences that high school comes with. New year, new girls, new relationships. It all can be overwhelming. But being a guy or girl (because girls do it too) who says “Where’s my hug at,” does these three things: One, it makes you come off as desperate to those around you. Two, the person who you’re fiending for probably doesn’t find you attractive even if she gives you a pity hug. Three, any future opportunities with girls in the future are ruined once they notice you saying those pathetic words. So just flirt with girls the normal and non-miserable way. I can guarantee you you’ll have a better shot doing so.

Step 3: Devious licks and girl’s bathrooms.

Okay, I don’t know who’s running into the girl’s bathrooms but it needs to stop. I know being cool around your friends is super important to freshmen. But it’s not smart to run in there for some stupid dare or through peer pressure. Also, don’t emulate the idiotic actions of others. Be a leader. Like a real senior. Following the recent TikTok trend, I’m here to also say devious licks are immature, old news, and lame altogether. I know TikTok fame is what all the kids are craving nowadays but be more mature than your classmates. That’s what being a highschooler is all about.

Step 4: Be quieter

I personally rarely have enough energy to yell or scream while going to my next class. Especially not at 8:00 in the morning. But it seems like every class period there’s always groups of people screaming at the top of their lungs or yelling about a topic you definitely don’t need to wail about.  I understand it’s your first year in the school and I’m not saying don’t enjoy your freshman or sophomore experience. Just be aware that other students are still in class and when they hear a “sheesh!” from 2 hallways away, it can be pretty distracting.

Step 5: Enjoy yourself

I came to this high school late my freshman year so it wasn’t a long-lasting experience, but I know how fun it can be. Enjoy the perks of being in a new building and make this year one of the best. Maybe you’ll look back and think to yourself that it was one of the greatest times in high school. And don’t let the upperclassmen bully you. After all, they were once freshmen, too.