Halloween Kills doesn’t live up to earlier films

Halloween Kills doesnt live up to earlier films

JaKayla Slaughter, Staff Writer

If you’re in the mood for a scary treat this weekend, Michael Myers makes a return in the new film Halloween Kills (in theaters or on Peacock). 

Halloween Kills picks up instantly after the end of the 2018 Halloween movie . However the film opens up with old characters that a few might recognize from the 1978 film and Carpenter’s films, such as Tommy Doyle (the kid Laurie was babysitting on that deadly night in 1978). 

At the beginning of the movie, Tommy Doyle, Lindsey Wallace, Lonnie Elam and a few other characters from the original films got together at a bar to celebrate their survival of the tragedy that happened four decades ago. 

Meanwhile across the town Laurie is being rushed to the hospital after having a brutal brawl with Michael Myers and trapping him in a burning house. However, as you know, these serial killers never die.

 Laurie’s granddaughter (Allyson) decides to help her grandmother fight the evil monster.

A lot of critics believes this movie moved away from the true and original plot of the Halloween series and just ended up being a bloody murder movie. I agree. If you are into the series, you will probably be disappointed. 

However, if you are a fan of scary movies, there are plenty of thrills to keep you entertained. The actors were focused and determined in their roles to bring down Michael Myers.

The flashbacks helped move the plot along, but, in some ways, made me wish I was watching the original.