What’s trending as 2020 comes to a close


Jayden Robinson, Staff Writer

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, but to put all the negatives to rest there are some positive and fun trends that have surfaced. Two things that are at the top of this trending list are Apple Airpods and LED light strips.
Airpods are a pair of wireless headphones that connect to devices through bluetooth. Although they were released 4 years ago, these ear buds have resurfaced and become a hot item during the pandemic. They are easy to use, rechargeable, and they last up to almost three hours on full battery. The actual charging case also holds a charge for a great amount of time. You can buy cases to go over the charging case as well. This product is a very great attachment to anybody’s devices.
Another very hot and trendy attachment are LED light strips. LED light strips are changeable lights that stick to your wall. These light strips come with a remote with many different modes and settings. Unfortunately there aren’t many differences in the different companies you buy them by , where all of these LED strips look the same. Typically these lights are bought from an online source , preferably Amazon. They have become exceedingly popular over the past few months, especially during the quarantine. LED lights are a very colorful and fun way to brighten up your room and are highly recommended.