A record-setting year for the football team


Destiny Givens, Managing Editor

Despite ending the season with a loss at Semi-state, the football team was able to overcome challenges, beat records and go home with a sense of accomplishment. 

Head Coach Brad Seiss feels that his team accomplished more than he could even imagine with the way they played this year. 

“For us to have our first undefeated regular season since 1992 thats a big deal. It shows that you’re one of the elite teams in northern Indiana,” Seiss said. “Just looking at the season overall I think we have a lot to be proud of. It was the first time in our school’s history (to accomplish) two regionals last year and making it three in a row was something that was special.” 

Another highlight that MHS football team was able to achieve this year was Lavarion Logan breaking the school record for the most points in a season previously held by assistant coach Denzel Pierce. Scoring 247 points for this season.

“That’s a blessing. Honestly I talked to him (Denzel Pierce) about it and looked it up myself, but when I broke it seeing his face he was proud of me,” Logan said. “He was a great coach and honestly he taught me everything so I really give props to him.”

Seniors on the football team this year feel thankful for the opportunities and windows that have opened because of the shaping and experiences they have gained from being a player at MHS. 

Kenneth Grant ,a senior on the team, received opportunities that put him in a whirlwind and is ready for the next journey in college football.  Grant received multiple college offers because of football and recently committed to Michigan University. 

Kanye Wright, another senior, noted a special quality about this team. 

“We played together as one which a lot of teams didn’t,” Wright said. “I think that’s why we had such a success this season.”

As seniors leave for college the next generation of football players are now excited for the possibility of being the next leader on the field next year. 

Roshaun McGee, a sophomore on the team who played along besides varsity players is prepared for endless possibilities. 

“As well as I prepare during the off-season, I feel like if I work hard enough and push myself to be better than this season then my next season will be great,” McGee said.