You don’t have to be a Marvel expert to enjoy Dr. Strange


Andronakis Clay, Staff Writer

Starting with an interdimensional battle between a monster and Dr. Strange, a strange girl seems to need protecting. Right before the outcome of this fight is decided, it is revealed that it is a dream as Dr. Strange wakes up on his bed, perfectly intact. 

Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness, may not have Deadpool and Batman jumping through portals, but it is a thriller that even someone with no MCU history can understand. The plot is invigorating and always leaves you on the edge of your seat whenever Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr.Strange) or Elizabeth Olsen (as the Scarlet Witch) is on the screen — let alone both of them. They are a completely intoxicating duo that captivates the audience when they are first introduced. Actors like Benedict Wong (Wong) or Xochitl Gomez (America Chavez) only enhance the duality of comedy and tension in the movie. 

The feeling while watching Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness in theaters can be described in one word: captivating. The introduction of a new vital character of the MCU (America) was done in an elegant, heart-shattering way. With her tragic backstory and fighting attitude, she is welcomed with hushed whispers and confused heroes. But eventually, her presence becomes one that is relied on and trusted. I believe that this transition is executed flawlessly within the movie.

Not only was the movie great to watch because of the acting and plot, but the aesthetics of the movie also made it great. Everything from the fights to even dimensional travel. It was all beautiful and really highlighted some of the minute details during the movie. I truly recommend going to the show to watch this to really give the movie justice. If not I’m sure that even on the smallest screen you could notice the hard work Marvel studios put in to create this. 

As a non-MCU watcher I truly did enjoy the theatrics of this movie. Everything was acted to perfection and while some things might be a bit complicated for those who aren’t well versed in the MCU, it is still very much worth the watch. So grab your popcorn and go to the nearest theater. It’ll be an experience that you’ll never forget.