Girls cross country team puts safety first


Lauren Gunnell, Staff Writer

Because of COVID-19, the girls cross country team has to adapt to changes in practices to ensure that no one on the team contracts or spreads the virus.

“The practices are pretty different regarding social distancing, we have to stay apart for stretching with our masks on and we cannot partner stretch.” Beah Corrales, (12) said.

Because there are so many girls running at the meets there are more rules that apply and are enforced by stern coaches and officials.

“We are required to wear masks as soon as we get off of the bus and we can only take them off when we are about to race, but when we finish, we have to put our masks back on immediately.” Natalie Martinez (12) said.

At the starting line, the runners usually stand close together in lines spray-painted on the ground in the shape of a square called “boxes”, and this year, they are larger to accommodate for social distancing

“I feel like there is always gonna be a risk of getting sick whether its while you’re with your teammates or going to the grocery store, so it’s pretty much inevitable, but wearing proper masks do help the spread as long as you have them on,” Beah Corrales (12) said.

The girls don’t feel unsafe as long as the proper precautions are being taken.

“I’m not as hesitant anymore, as long as everyone else is also following the orders. I’m getting more and  more comfortable every day, but when I see people without masks, it makes me highly uncomfortable,” Precious Moore (10) said.

The pandemic has also affected the tradition the girls like to do at the starting line before every race for extra luck.

“This year we are not allowed to hold hands and pray with each other but we are allowed to go around and just say a prayer that involves social distancing,” Natalie Martinez (12) said.

Even though the pandemic has caused many changes for the girls this year they are still motivated to do their best and make the most out of this year.

“I think if we all do the best we can while following rules, the outcome could still be something great. I mean of course so much is different, especially on meet days, amd not being able to have bondings with the team, but everyone is truly making the most out of what we have and we’re seeing some amazing results so far,”  Moore said.