Sophomore finds divine inspiration for new video game


Inspired by her religious beliefs, Sophomore Morgan Pierce is using her creativity and knowledge about programming to bring a Christian-based video game to life.

“It’s about a missionary who is stranded on a plane that crashes,” Pierce said. “She goes through struggles and trials on the island and she talks to God for help and she encounters people and some of them are crazy and some of them are nice.” 

Morgan programming ability is self-taught. She gained her knowledge from the internet.

“I started learning coding when I was younger,” she said, “but I never really studied it as I do now. I use YouTube, the Code Academy App and this website that has free coding. It’s called” 

To most people, the idea of creating a video game would seem too difficult, but Morgan is finding it easy.

“It’s not that hard because there’s not a lot of coding in it,” she said. “It’s more just typing and putting things together and it feels good. Also god is with me so I’m not alone.” 

Pierce said the biggest obstacle was figuring out how to layout the game, but she has solved that program.

“I just need to add pictures which I have to draw which is gonna take a long time,” she said. “It’s a HTML code that you put on the computer.”

Her game so far is also not in color — yet.

“Currently it’s black and white but I’m going to try to make it more colorful and add more pictures and fonts,” she said.

The game came about because of a class assignment

“I got into making the game by asking my teacher how to get into gaming and he gave me a project to make a game,” she said.

Morgan gets inspirational designs for her game from other games, like Roblox and RPG games.

As a computer and digital lover she is thinking about studying computer engineering.

“I will probably go to college to be a computer engineer and I will take them if they have classes on coding and video games like coding to make games and stuff.”