Spanish teacher excited for chance to address Class of 22 graduates

Deanna Hampton, Staff Writer

Because she graduated early and was already in Bloomington, Mrs. Angela Escobedo didn’t attend her own graduation. That’s what makes being selected as the faculty speaker for this year’s ceremony even more special.

“This is a chance for me to live that moment that I took for granted when I was younger,” she said. “I am very nervous and excited for this opportunity.”

Mrs. Escobedo, who teachers Spanish and is the Senior Class sponsor, was selected from among a handful of teachers who were nominated by the seniors.

“Students were telling me they wanted to vote for me, [but] I didn’t think that I would actually win,” she said. “After all, I am pretty new to Merrillville. Nevertheless I am beyond humbled by being voted for.”

Mrs. Escobedo will be speaking at both ceremonies this Sunday.

“I feel honored and understand that I have a big role to fill,” she said.  “I’m determined to leave these seniors with some good advice and some accolades on what a great job they’ve done getting to this milestone in their lives. I want them to know they’ll always have a home here with me and with Merrillville.”

In the wake of COVID-19, she tailored a special message for the Class of 2022.  

“My message and theme of this year’s speech is Resilience, Fortitude, and Grit!  If we can make it through a global pandemic we can do anything,” Mrs. Escobedo said

She expressed how important it is for her message to convey that these future leaders can do anything they put their minds to as long as they work hard and never give up. 

“Anything is possible with hard work and determination,” Mrs.Escobedo said. “Life isn’t easy, and they’ll experience getting knocked down, but getting back up and fighting will present the biggest rewards!! I want them to know how talented and great they truly are!”