Alternative ideas for Halloween fun

Mariah Dean, Staff Writer

Finally it’s time to start thinking about the fall. The chilly nights, the crunchy leaves, and of course the ultimate favorite, Halloween! The candy, the costumes, the absolute scary feeling is everyone’s favorite thing about fall. But wait, what are we going to do with Corona around? There has to be a way we can still celebrate without violating guidelines.
Many people in the United States are gearing up to celebrate their favorite holidays. Yet, the CDC has released guidelines that involve avoiding trick or treating and large crowds. This doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled! We have to be sure everyone is safe and healthy.
Halloween is right around the corner. Yet, with Covid around not only is mostly everything shut down, students have no plans with Halloween. When planning something for this holiday season, you have to remember that COVID-19 is taking over our lives.
Whether you’re celebrating virtually or in person, you can always have fun. But, you have to be cautious and be sure your activities are at low risk for spread. Furthermore, there’s several ideas to kick off the spooky season.
Outdoor activities such as corn mazes, haunted houses or carving a pumpkin is good for the COVID season. It calls for good ventilation and good social distancing.
Yes, planning for Halloween may be a bit more difficult with our circumstances. Yet, you can still have fun and stay safe! Just be sure you follow the guidelines and stay safe! It looks like COVID is the villain this Halloween season!