Dance team keeping it safe during pandemic

Jayden Robinson, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has shut down many activities around the United States. However, the Merrillville dance team is not one of them. With some new precautions, they have bounced back for a new season.

Coach Amanda Butler, the head coach of the Merrillville Dance team, is being very cautious with the team.

“My biggest struggle is just the fear that one of my girls will contract it,” Ms. Butler said. “I worry about that all the time.”

Butler takes this situation extremely seriously, so she enforces community guidelines into her routine for practice, making her girls social distance and wear their masks during practice and at games.

“My girls have adjusted fine with the precautions being used. We have not had any issues pertaining to the mask policy,” Ms. Butler said.

However, dancers Nyla Gross and Kendia Person admit the adjustments have taken some of the fun out of dancing.

“I miss being in the dance room for practices and it feels like we are very limited,” Sophomore Nyla Gross said.  “We don’t get to do pre-games and fly ripple.” 

Junior Kendia Person agrees. 

“Many times it’s hard to dance when we have to wear masks, because it is hot and hard to breathe when we are working so hard,” she said. “I just wish things can go back to normal.”

Coaching this team has been a thrill for Ms. Butler, who is in her third year as coach.

“Every year it gets better and better, This is my most favorite job in the world. Every year, I am amazed by the talent,” she said.